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Phone: 781-618-7127
Principal Christine Ahearn
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Integrated Preschool/Pre-K and Substantially Separate Programs

The Whitman-Hanson Preschool Academy was established to provide services to Whitman and Hanson's preschool-aged children with special needs. Additionally, it offers a unique learning experience for other preschool-aged children from the community who have the opportunity to serve as typically developing peers.

Admission Policy
Children with special needs are referred for admission to the Early Education Program through the Special Education Department of the Whitman-Hanson Public Schools. Referrals often come through early intervention programs. However, anyone who believes their child may need services can receive further information by contacting the Whitman-Hanson Preschool Academy, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM at (781) 618-7127.

Applications for peers are taken during the spring prior to the desired school year. The number of available peer slots correlates with the special education enrollment and varies from year to year. To be eligible, children must meet the following criteria:

  • Peers must be three or four years of age and not be eligible for the Whitman-Hanson Full Day Kindergarten Program.
  • Peers must demonstrate age-appropriate skills in the following areas: speech/language, gross/fine motor, socialization/behavior, and cognition.
Children being considered for admission will be screened to achieve the best possible match with the special needs children for that school year. Classes are designed to be balanced with respect to developmental skills and to achieve an optimal learning environment for all students. The preschool staff reserves the right to limit admission to children who meet these established criteria. When the number of peers exceeds available slots, a lottery system will be implemented. The ultimate responsibility for classroom assignments for peers is with the Whitman-Hanson Preschool Academy Program principal.

Peer enrollment is available on a rolling basis, dependent on availability.

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