HMS Grade 6 Homework

Ms. Comerford--week of 11/23/15

Monday-- Mr. Tumnus ---2 paragraphs



Thursday--  Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday--Welcome to Trimester 2.  Some of you are already missing the 1st homework and your 1st. grade(A Secret For Two Vocab.)!!!




Ms. Shepardson

Week of 11/23
Monday  ---
    text p. 206 (#11-24) Show your work!

Tuesday   ---  Happy Thanksgiving break!

Wednesday ---

Thursday    ---

Friday--- Looking ahead:  November notebook check will be on Wednesday 12/2



Miss. Quinn

Social Studies: 

      Monday: Read C6L1

      Tuesday: Land Between Two Rivers WS

      Wednesday:  Read C6L2
Map/5Char Quiz on Thursday 10/29

      Thursday: The Contributions of the Sumerians WS  

     Friday: None

Language Arts

     Monday: Verb Synonym WS

Tuesday: Finish Scary Story Study Story Plot Vocabulary for Quiz on Fri 10/30

Wednesday: Study Story Plot Vocab

Thursday:  Study Story Plot Vocab

    Friday:  None

Mr. O'Reilly





Friday-- Have a good weekend !








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