HMS Grade 6 Homework

Ms. Comerford--week of 9/28/15

Monday-- Subject/Predicate & Simple Subject 

Tuesday--4 kinds of sent. Pay attention to directions !

Wednesday--Helping Verb---Main Verb= HV  MV 


Friday-- Study for Vocab. Test on Tuesday !

            Bring home study sheets for Sentence 



Ms. Shepardson

Week of 10/5 Mid chapter test Tuesday 10/6!!!!  Guide: text page 137 (#9-18) And 138 (#31-34)

Monday  ---
text p. 116 (#6-20)

Tuesday   --- text p. 101 (#28-31) AND p. 108 (#21-24)

Wednesday ---worksheet p. 37

Thursday    --- worksheet p. 13

Friday  --- Check your Infinite Campus account to see if you have missing work. If so, get it done!



Miss. Quinn

Social Studies: 

      Monday: Finish Cartoon Prehistory if you aren't done yet!

      Tuesday: First Firsts WS **Both Sides ... Be prepared to tell me which project you picked tomorrow!

      Wednesday:  Study Early Man Notes and work on project

      Thursday: Study Early Man Notes and work on Project

     Friday: Study Early Man Notes... Test Oct. 14th

Language Arts

     Monday: Annotate first page of Eleven

Tuesday:  Finish Paragraph Frame

Wednesday: Finish Rough Draft by Friday

Thursday:  Finish Rough Draft by Friday

    Friday:  Study Spelling Words... Test on Fri. 10/16

Mr. O'Reilly





Friday-- Have a good weekend !








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