HMS Grade 6 Homework

Ms. Comerford

Monday--     Welcome new sixth graders!

Tuesday--    Get yourself started for Language

Wednesday-- Arts. See if you can write down the

Thursday--    difference between "imply"   and

Friday--         "infer"  How about.."tone"   and

                     "mood" ?   Bring me your thoughts!



Ms. Shepardson

Week of 8/24
Monday  ---

Tuesday   --- See you at Orientation tonight!

Wednesday ---Check the school supply list posted on the main page for 6th graders. Are you ready to start a great new school year?

Thursday    --- Welcome 6th graders!

Friday  --- 



Miss. Quinn

Social Studies: 

      Monday: Chp 10 Lesson 3 finish writing paragraph summary

      Tuesday: Finish Rome Key Term Flashcards

      Wednesday:  Romulus & Remus News Article

      Thursday: 7 Kings WS

     Friday: NONE

Language Arts

     Monday: Study Spelling List

Tuesday:  Study Spelling List for Test tomorrow

   Wednesday: Practice Minor Bird... due Friday

Thursday: Practice Minor Bird... due Friday

    Friday:  None

Mr. O'Reilly





Friday-- Have a good weekend !







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