School Counseling Services



Ms. Carolyn Pires - School Psychologist

Ms. Susan Lemay - School Adjustment Counselor

Ms. Jan Sweeeney - Guidance Counselor



Our counselors are available to all students and parents for assistance in working out problems that may involve the classroom, the home and family, or the peer group.


Students are able to see Ms. Pires, Ms. Lemay, or Ms.Sweeney on an individual basis or in a small group setting when appropriate. Referrals to counseling services can be made by the student, teacher, or by a parent or guardian.


Parents and guardians are encouraged to contact any counselor at any time regarding academic, social or family concerns. All information is held in the strictest confidence.  To contact the staff member listed above please go to our Faculty/Staff page.


Information regarding outside agencies, therapists, family counselors and other sources of assistance are also available in the counseling office.


The major objectives of our counseling program are:

  • to foster more comfortable and appropriate relationships with students and peers, family and school personnel

  • to increase self-understanding, understanding of others, and awareness of self in relationships

  • to address personal and school adjustment issues

  • to provide emotional support

  • to promote healthy and effective problem solving and conflict resolution skills

Our counseling staff can help you and your child have a positive and successful middle school experience. Please feel free to contact Ms. Pires, Ms. Lemay or Ms. Sweeney at any time.


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