History and Social Studies

History and Social Studies education at Whitman-Hanson Regional High School is offered in mutually supportive academic programs featuring the following core subject areas: World Civilizations and American History. There is a four year Honors/Advanced Placement Program for those students who desire work at this academic level. All of the courses in the Department are designed to enhance the academic, moral and civic growth of each student, while fostering an appreciation of our democratic heritage and an awareness of America’s role in an interdependent world community.



Across the curriculum special emphasis is placed upon building and reinforcing writing skills and a capacity for ‘critical and creative thinking.’ It is the Department’s intent to prepare each student to become an active and effective citizen - one who has acquired economic and geographic literacy, a sound knowledge of state, national and world history, and informed insights into the cultural foundations of the United States and our international neighbors. All students at WHRHS are required to take four years of History/Social Studies in order to satisfy graduation requirements.

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