Financial Aid

 Excellent web-based financial aid resources include:

MEFA - Massachusetts Educational Finance Authority

  • MEFA is a great resource for financial aid information for students and parents.


FAFSA on the Web 
 CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE
 Financial Aid Estimator
 Fast Web  




General Financial Aid Information:  Financial aid is money to help a student meet the costs of going to college, based on financial need. Financial need is the difference between the cost of attendance (COA) and the expected family contribution (EFC) that a student and/or his/her family can pay.

The Cost of Attending (COA) college includes:
tuition and fees

books and supplies  

housing and food (room & board)

personal expenses (laundry, recreation, etc.)  

travel or transportation to and from college 


Types of Financial Aid

bulletNeed-Based aid is awarded to students who demonstrate financial need as determined by the federal and state government and attending college


bulletMerit-Based aid is awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, or special talent in the performing arts, athletics, or other areas.
bulletCredit-Based aid is available to students and/or parents who have a good credit history.

Financial Aid Resources

bulletFinancial Aid Packages are combinations of grants/scholarships, work-study and loans that colleges award to eligible students.


bulletGrants and Scholarships are the most desirable types of financial aid, because they do not have to be repaid. Usually, but not always, grants and scholarships are sent directly to your college.
bulletFederal College Work-Study is what is referred to as "self-help aid. It is need-based, but must be earned through work-study jobs on campus or community agencies.
bulletLoans are also considered "self-help" aid. A loan is money borrowed, usually at very low interest rate, to pay for college costs. This money must be repaid to the lender after student completes college.

Please stop by the Guidance Office to meet with your counselor for personal assistance with your college and career planning.  Please plan to attend the annual College Fiinancial Aid Night that is held each year in December. 

 Information on this page has been borrowed from the Higher Education Information Center publication called "Get Ready For College" and includes more information useful for preparing for the next step after high school graduation. Ask your counselor for a copy.

































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