Graduation Requirements

Graduation from the Whitman-Hanson Regional High School signifies that a student has satisfactorily completed the prescribed course of study as established by the Regional School Committee in accordance with the laws of Massachusetts. A student must earn 106 credits as indicated on the chart of graduation requirements found on the next page. Fourth year students who lack sufficient credits to graduate may request approval from the Principal to enroll in an area night school to earn additional credits. A maximum of eight (8) credits may be earned in night school, or as determined by the Principal.

In addition, in order to participate in graduation ceremonies, senior students must have:

  1. Successfully completed all academic requirements for graduation by the last school day for seniors.
  2. Successfully passed all requirements set by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Department of Education including the MCAS test.
  3. Satisfied all financial obligations to the Regional School District no later than five calendar days after the last school day for seniors.

The last day for seniors shall be established by the Committee in accordance with Massachusetts Regulations (603 CMR 27.03).

The date of graduation ceremonies shall be no more than 12 days before the last day of school (Ch.71. s.4). The actual date shall be established by the Committee.

The following required courses must be satisfactorily passed by all students:

 Graduation Requirements

     Language Arts  16 Credits
     Mathematics  16 Credits
     Science  14 Credits
     Social Studies  14 Credits
     Foreign Language  8 Credits
     Other Core Academics  6 Credits
     Physical Education  10 Credits
     Health  2 Credits
     Computer Literacy  6 Credits
     Electives  16 Credits
     Total Credits 106 Credits


No partial credit will be granted for completing less than the full term of any course.

*Physical Education I, II and Health must be taken before entering junior year; a Phys. Ed. course must be taken in each of the freshman and sophomore years. Health can be taken either year. During your junior or senior year you must take Physical Education/CPR. The remaining four (4) required credits can be taken from the Physical Education/Health elective category. (Note:These classes will offer four (4) credits, two (2) for PE/Health and two (2) for Required Electives. This option for PE/Health credit can only be done for a maximum of two (2) credits.)

** 10 credits of Electives from the following areas: Family and Consumer Science, Distributive

Education, Business, Foreign Languages, and Fine Arts

*** Core Academics from: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Language

Additional credits needed for graduation shall be earned by satisfactorily completing elective courses offered by any department. All students are required to carry five (5) courses at all times. Exceptions will be made for fifth year students or with special permission by the Principal. Students repeating a course to improve their grade cannot receive credit for the course twice.



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