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Clubs and Activities


The Whitman-Hanson Regional High School Student Activities program strives to provide co-curricular and service opportunities for students that extend skills, enhance a work ethic, promote self-realization and develop positive relationships, teamwork, and leadership skills.

The Whitman-Hanson High School Community believes that for students to fully develop their personal potential they should be actively involved in both academic classes and co-curricular activities. Co-curricular activities are designed to meet a variety of student interests that complement and supplement the Mission and Expectations of Student Learning.


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WHRHS Extra-Curricular Advisors (updated 9/7/17)

ASTRONOMY Chelsea Smith

BAND Peter Maccini

BEST BUDDIES Cathy Bouzan & Jennifer Buteau


CLASS OF 2018 Cara Dempsey & Theresa Scott

CLASS OF 2019 Brian Dempsey & Kristen Thomas

CLASS OF 2020 Karen Geagan-Lopes & Courtney Jones

CLASS OF 2021 John Rozen

Daniel Moriarty


D.E.C.A. Nina Consolini & Lydia Nelson

DRAMA CLUB Colleen McDonough





JAZZ ENSEMBLE  Devin Dondero

KEY CLUB (split) Alicia Edkin & Chris Szkutak

MAJORETTES  Colleen Maccini

MARINE BIOLOGY  Courtney Jones

MATH CLUB Thomas Fondoulis

MATH HONOR SOCIETY (split) Thomas Fondoulis &  Daniel Mastrogiacomo

MENTOR PROGRAM  Ellen Galambos


MODEL U.N.  Brian Walsh


P.R.O.T.E.C.T.  Danielle Diogenes

RADIO CLUB  Robert Rodgers

RAINBOW ALLIANCE (split) Wendy Price & Allison Schait

ROBOTICS (split)  Brian Dukeman & James Kozak

S.A.D.D (spilt)  Erin Munroe & Amy Medeiros


S.E.A.C.  James Kozak


STUDENT COUNCIL Dan Moriarty & Theresa Scott

SHOW CHOIR Donald Legge


T.V. CLUB Robert Rodgers

QUIZ BOWL (split)  Julie Giglia & Chris Szkutak



PUBLICITY Dan Moriarty

TECHNOLOGY  Dan Mastrogiacomo



ASTRONOMY CLUB - Mrs. Chelsea Smith
The WH Astronomy Club is a club dedicated to the pursuit of all knowledge related to the universe and it’s many mysteries. We meet for morning and night sky viewings, host expert guest speakers from the community, and collaborate for open intellectual discussions. We are a group of like- minded people with a passion for the unknown…


BAND - Mr. Peter Maccini

BEST BUDDIES Cathy Bouzan & Jennifer Buteau




CHESS CLUB - Mr. Tom Fondoulis
Chess club provides students with the opportunity to challenge their thinking skills. All students, regardless of ability level are welcome to play other club members each week . Several in-house tournaments are held each year and are open to the entire student body.

D.E.C.A. Nina Consolini & Lydia Nelson

DRAMA CLUB - Ms. Laurie Healey

The Whitman Hanson Drama Club is open to all WHRHS students interested in acting, singing, and/or dancing on stage in 1 -2 stage productions annually. For those students wishing to participate in the technical aspects of a production (i.e. lights, sound, set design, and costuming) several opportunities are available to anyone interested. New members are always welcome as enrollment is open throughout the year. Club trips and travel opportunities are tentative upon administrative approval. The drama club has elected officers, awards scholarships and is engaged in community charity events in addition to performances at the school.
For ticket sales for all our upcoming shows, please use the following link;



The Habitat for Humanity Club is officially a Chapter of the International Association. It was started by students to help the homeless. We are partners with our local affiliate based inBraintree. Along with our own fundraisers students are also asked to volunteer to help out with the affiliate’s fundraising endeavors. Founded in 2006, our first task was to help out with building a house in Whitman. In 2007 we helped with a build in Scituate and we continue to find ways to help Habitat in anyway we can. Meetings are held once a month and fundraising is an ongoing process with student led initiatives. New members are always welcomed. Elections are held each spring to elect officers. The club has a president, vice-president, treasurer and secretary.

HISTORY CLUB - Mr. Steven Botelho
The History Club is a place where students who are interested in the important people, places, and events of the past can meet and share their common interest. The History Club coordinates school-wide informational campaigns about key historical anniversaries, views historical films, plays history-related games, participates in discussions and debates, and plans historical field trips. The History Club will also be constructing Whitman-Hanson High School’s History Lab through community outreach and practicing the real skill of history, research. All students are welcome regardless of grade level; the only membership requirement is a love of history!

JAZZ ENSEMBLE - Mr. Devin Dondero

KEY CLUB - Mrs. Alicia Edkin & Mr. Chris Szkutak
The Key Club is a service organization for high school students, which operates under school regulations and draws its membership from the student body. Key Club differs from other organizations in many ways. Key Club is unique family because it is sponsored by a local Kiwanis club, composed of the leading business and professional people of the community. Key Club’s objective is the development of initiative, leadership ability and good citizenship practices. Key Club is different because it functions not only on the local level, but also on district and international levels.This highly developed structure provides programs, literature and the opportunity to relate teenagers from thirteen countries around the world. Key Club is the largest service organization of its kind with over 129,000 members in approximately 3,800 clubs.


Key Club Officers 2018-2019 
President: Lauren Godbout
Vice President: Leah Badger
Co-Secretaries: Mellissa Healey & Marie Foscaldo
Treasurer: Emma Rogers
Public Relations: Marissa Connell
Co-Historians: Sam Gregory & Lexi Connolly

MAJORETTES - Mrs. Colleen Maccini

The Majorettes are a baton-twirling group that offers three performance opportunities for the interested student. Performance opportunities are available with the marching band, twirling team competitions and individual competitions. The majorettes may also participate in the Leaders and Learners district twirling program.

The majorettes that perform with the band are an auxiliary performance unit to the band. Their function is to enhance the total musicality of the band program. They accomplish this by utilizing batons and other twirling equipment, dance and marching skills to various musical selections provided by the band. The group participates in parades, at the half time of football games and selected community events with the band throughout the year.

The second opportunity of the program involves competition. The group competes in competitions throughout the New England area. Competitions are available monthly throughout the school year. Majorettes may participate in both scholastic and open competitions, allowing the participant a wide variety of competitive experiences. There is the opportunity for individual, duet and trio competitions. Majorettes learn about the twirling opportunities available at the local, state, regional and national level.

The final opportunity is as part of the district feeder program also known as the “Leaders and Learners Program”. This program offers instruction to students within the school district beginning in grade four through grade eight. The advisor teaches this program and leadership is provided by members of the high school team. This program is open to high school majorettes who meet the leadership/role model criteria set forth by the advisor. Upon the completion of the introductory program, the returning twirlers continue instruction resulting in parade performances at the end of the first year with the high school majorettes. Continued participation in this program results in the necessary skills to become a member of the high school majorette team and more opportunities for competition/performances.

MARINE BIOLOGY CLUB - Ms. Courtney Jones
The Marine Biology club meets twice a month. All students are welcome to join. Members are involved in developing lesson plans to teach at the middle/elementary schools, creating FYI posters to hang around the building and fun facts for WHTV, going to the aquarium, doing beach cleanups, going on collection trips, discussing current events and anything else students decide to do!

MATH CLUB - Mr. Tom Fondoulis
The Math Team is a collection of students who like to have fun, socialize and solve math problems. The Math Team is open to all grade levels and everyone has an opportunity to compete in the four meets each year. We compete against other cities and towns in our area. Each meet has 6 rounds of three questions. The more correct answers an individual or team gets, the more points the team accumulates. We practice every Thursday after school with the meets being held on the first Thursday of every month from November to February.

MOCK TRIAL TEAM - Ms. Lydia Nelson
The Mock Trial Team at Whitman-Hanson competes in a program sponsored by the Massachusetts Bar Association. We prepare cases as if we are real lawyers and witnesses. We compete against other schools in real courtrooms before judges. Participation in mock trial team is both challenging and fun. You don’t have to want to be a lawyer to be a member of our Team. Please join us at the next Mock Trial Team meeting!

The Whitman-Hanson Chapter of the National Honor Society recognizes members of the Whitman-Hanson community who demonstrate four core values. These values are leadership, scholarship, service and character. Each year, members are inducted based on their embodiment of each of these values. The members of the National Honor Society strive to promote community service through year-round volunteer endeavors.

P.R.O.T.E.C.T.- Ms. Danielle Diogenes

Peers Reaching Out to Educate Communities Today (PROTECT) is an organization aimed at identifying and addressing issues threatening the social, emotional, and physical well-being of our community members. Through education, action and attention, PROTECT provides a safe environment to improve upon a multitude of issues surrounding the lives of teenagers, as well as other identified community members based within our region. Club members participate in trainings and offer programs within the high school, district schools, and community to support our mission.

RADIO/TV CLUB - Mr. Robert Rodgers

ROBOTICS - Mr. David Rowell
The Whitman-Hanson Robotics Club is a very exciting and very hands-on introduction to the world of Robotics. This new club will take you through all aspects of building, operating and programming all types of robots and machines. The robots you build will vary from user controlled, to user defined, and finally to autonomously acting (artificially intelligent). Each year you will have the opportunity to represent Whitman-Hanson High School as a member of the Whitman-Hanson Robotics Team in national level competitions run by US FIRST. Anyone interested in any aspect of electronics and computers, or just having fun building remote controlled robots, please stop by! No experience is necessary and all are welcome.

S.A.D.D. - Ms. Amy Medeiros and Mrs. Chelsea Smith

SHOW CHOIR - Mr. Don Legge
Whitman-Hanson’s Show Choir ‘High Frequency” is a competitive group of singers and dancers that perform many shows, concerts and competitions throughout the year. Auditions are held at the beginning and end of each school year and are open to any interested boy or girl. In addition to dancing and singing the Whitman-Hanson Show Choir “High Frequency” group features a live band consisting of Bass, drums, guitar, piano and a variety of horn instruments such as trumpet, trombone and saxophone. Any interested student should see Mr. Legge for audition information. If you love to sing, dance or play an instrument, this is the group for you!

Dollars for Scholars is the local chapter of Scholarship America. It is comprised of community volunteers raising scholarship funds for graduating Whitman and Hanson high school seniors. All students graduating from the public high school or any private high school are eligible to apply for a scholarship in their senior year as long as their GPA is 2.5. Scholarship America is the nation's largest nonprofit, private sector scholarship and educational support organization. Dollars for Scholars chapters share one common theme: raising funds in the community for the benefit of local students. This is the 45th year of existence for our Whitman Hanson Chapter. During that time we have given out 1.3 million dollars. 87 members of the Class of 2007 received over $75,000. From time to time students help with DFS activities such as yard sales, holding a donation canister, and many other fund raising activities. Students may also participate in community service work through DFS. Students who volunteer throughout their high school years earn points toward DFS scholarships. For each hour a student participates they will earn one DFS point. If any student would like to volunteer please see Mrs. Boyce in the high school library.

YEARBOOK - Ms. Christina Maher
Yearbook club meets to help support the work of the yearbook journalism courses. Students learn the basics of yearbook layout and design while contributing to the yearbook production. Students are able to design creative layouts, interact with business partners in the community, learn computer graphics and layout programs and incresae the availability of the yearbook to a wide audience. Students who participate in the club can choose to take the yearbook class at a later date and are eligible to become yearbook editors, once experienced. Click here to go to the Yearbook Web Page.


The student environmental awareness club is responsible for the successful paper recycling program at Whitman Hanson. Students interested in recycling and other green environmental issues are encouraged to participate in SEAC. The club is an opportunity to discuss environmental issues and to become informed about our school’s green qualities.