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Class Officers - Class Advisors



The current class officers and faculty advisors are listed below. To contact a faculty advisor by email please click on their name.


Class of 2018


President: Kristina L. Woodward
Vice-President: Eric D. Muha
Treasurer Georgia M. MacDonald
Secretary: Gabryelle C. Callahan

Faculty Advisors:


Theresa Scott

Cara Dempsey


Class of 2019

President: Kaitlyn M. Molito
Vice-President: Ethan J. Phelps
Secretary: Olivia G. Sheehan
Treasurer: Evan V. Clark
VP Public Relations: Tajh M. Hunter

Faculty Advisors:


Brian Dempsey

Kristen MCauliffe


Class of 2020

President: Abigail R. Pulling
Vice-President: Adam J. Milewski
Treasurer: Liam T. Keane
Secretary: Brian R. Fox

Faculty Advisors:


Courtney Jones

Karen Geagan-Lopes




Class of 2021

President: Delanie I. MacDonald
Vice-President: Jeremy L. Linn
Treasurer/Fundraising: Julia L. Benvie
Secretary: Tyler S. Godbout

Faculty Advisors:


John Rozen

Daniel Moriarty