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CES Graduation Requirements

In order to obtain a diploma from the Whitman-Hanson Community Evening School each student must meet specific graduation requirements. In addition, any student wishing to graduate from the WHCES must take a minimum of three (3) courses in the program.

All students must pass a total of 21 units (classes). The 21 units must include the following:

  • 4 Units of English (English I, II, III, IV)
  • 3 Units of Math
  • 3 Units of Science
  • 3 Units of Social Studies (one must be US History)
  • Career Exploration (1 Unit)
  • Computer Applications (1 Unit)
  • 6 Units of Electives

Additionally, all students must achieve a passing score on the ELA, Math and Science MCAS exams. Any student who has not passed any of the required exams will be required to attend an MCAS prep program, which is free.

To apply as a candidate, please make an appointment with the supervisor/director of the program.