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Graduation 2019



  • Graduation will be held on Friday, May 31, 2019 at 6:00 PM in the Whitman-Hanson Regional High School Gymnasium.
  • WH Community Evening School Graduation will be held on Thursday, May 30, 2019 at 6:00PM in John F. McEwan Performing Arts Center.

Principal Letter to Class of 2019
Senior Prom Guest Form 2019


April 2019

Dear Parents and Members of the Class of 2019,

Congratulations to all the members of the Class of 2019!

Commencement Day is a special time for all of us and it is with great excitement and anticipation that the Class of 2019 prepares for all their senior activities. Commencement will be held on Friday, May 31, 2019 at 6:00PM in the gymnasium of Whitman-Hanson Regional High School.  It is our hope and expectation that all students will enjoy these activities while being responsible and following all school rules. For your convenience a schedule of important dates/activities is attached and also posted on the school website at Please familiarize yourself with all the dates and we ask that parents/guardians assist your son/daughter to meet all deadlines. We hope that everyone stays safe and rejoices in the celebration of a successful educational journey.


The last day of school for seniors is Thursday, May 23. Grades will close on May 23. All course make-up must be completed by Friday, May 24, and all financial obligations including books, class dues, etc. to the District must be settled by Thursday, May 23.  Any assigned discipline obligations must be met. Students will not receive their caps and gowns until all obligations are settled.


At no time does the high school administration approve or condone a senior class prank.  While those who perform them usually view pranks as harmless fun, they cause many problems for numerous people, which result in far reaching negative outcomes. As a result, I am directing the students of the Class of 2019 not to be involved in any prank or any activity that could be construed as a prank.  I have also instructed them that leaving school without permission or skipping school during the last part of the year will not be tolerated.  We have been informed that some seniors are involved in playing a senior assassin game. Please note that this is NOT a school sponsored activity, and that local police have been notified and are looking out for unsafe and illegal behavior. If seniors are caught on campus disrupting daily activity, they will face school consequences.

Failure to comply with these directives may result in exclusion from participation in some or all of their senior activities, including the privilege of participating in the Commencement Day ceremony.

Historically, Whitman-Hanson senior classes have always had wonderful memories from their senior activities without having to resort to any type of prank or inappropriate behavior.  I am confident that the members of the Class of 2019 will continue the long tradition of enjoying their final weeks in the most positive and constructive manner possible.  I thank the students and parents in advance for their cooperation.


Dr. Christopher S. Jones







Advance Placement Exam Schedule


Date                                        Exam                                                  Report Time             

Monday, May 6                    US Government & Politics                 7:15 AM                           

                                                Environmental Science                       11:45 AM

Tuesday, May 7                    Spanish Language & Culture              7:30 AM location TBA

                                                Physics I                                              11:45 AM

Wednesday, May 8             English Literature                               7:15 AM

                                                European History                                11:45 AM

Thursday, May 9                  Chemistry                                            7:15 AM

                                                Psychology                                          11:45 AM

Friday, May 10                      U.S. History                                        7:15 AM

Monday, May 13                   Biology                                               7:15 AM                             

Tuesday, May 14                   Calculus AB & BC                             7:15 AM                          

Wednesday, May 15             English Language                               7:15 AM                          

Thursday, May 16                 Statistics                                              11:45 AM

Friday, May 17                       Computer Science                               11:45 AM

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Carrigan, Advanced Placement Coordinator, in the School Counseling Office 781-618-7434. 

Senior Final Exams

  1. Final Exams: May 20, May 21, May 22, and May 23. Seniors will report for scheduled exams only.
  2. To be eligible for a make-up exam, students must be excused by parental phone call prior to 9:00 AM on the day of the originally scheduled exam.
  3. Make-up exams will be scheduled on Friday, May 24. Students, who have a medically excused absence (doctor’s note needed) on the day of a final exam, are entitled to a make-up exam on May 24.  


Class of 2019 Senior Events

April 29

  • Senior Class Meeting Period 5

April 29-May 3                             

  • Senior Prom Tickets on Sale (available after school in Rm. 357)
  • Tickets are $75 per person
  • Class dues of $40 MUST be paid in full                                                      

***Seniors MUST sign-up for Senior Banquet (free event)

May 6-17                                           

  • Advanced Placement Exams

May 20-23                                         

  • Senior Final Exams

*Seniors who have a Final Average of A- or better are exempt from final exam. Advanced Placement students are required to take AP exam or final exam.

*In the event of student absence on the day of final exam, parent/guardian MUST call absence in by 9:00AM the day of the exam to be eligible for make-up.

*Seniors must remain for entire testing period – no dismissals                            

Monday, May 20                               

  • Senior Locker Clean-Out
  • Block F Final (Full Day of School)

Tuesday, May 21                               

  • Early Release for Seniors Only, Blocks B & D Finals

Wednesday, May 22                          

  • Early Release for Seniors Only, Blocks C & G Finals

Thursday, May 23                             

  • Early Release for Seniors Only, Blocks A & E Finals
  • Last day for Seniors to settle obligations (books, discipline, class dues, etc.)
  • Senior Prom at Venezia, Dorchester – 7:00PM-11:00PM

Friday, May 24                                  

  • Deadline for completion of all student make-up

Tuesday, May 28                               

  • Senior Banquet at Emerald Hall, Abington – 6:00PM-9:00PM

Wednesday, May 29                          

  • Commencement Rehearsal in Performing Arts Center – 9:00AM
  • Graduation Tickets and Caps & Gowns distributed (all obligations MUST be settled)
  • Senior Awards Night in Performing Arts Center – 6:30PM

Thursday, May 30                             

  • Commencement Rehearsal in Performing Arts Center – 9:00AM
  • Yearbook Distribution
  • Senior Class Cookout following Commencement Rehearsal on Athletic Fields


                                                            Baccalaureate – TBA

Friday, May 31                                  
Commencement Evening

 6:00 PM Whitman- Hanson Regional High School Gymnasium
All participants should plan to report to Student Dining no later than 5:00PM

Tuesday, June 4                                 
Kiwanis Celebration in PAC & Student Dining at 6:30PM

Invited Student MVPs should report to Student Dining no later than 6:00PM





Each graduate will receive 4 tickets for Graduation Ceremony. Main Office Entrance doors will open for ticketed guests at 4:45PM-5:15PM. Gym Entrance doors will open at 5:15 PM to the public for general seating (no tickets are necessary). Reserving seats is not allowed. Overflow viewing for graduation is on the walking track and Performing Arts Center (live video telecast).


Any person requiring handicap access and seating will be accommodated at the Athletic Entrance at the side of the school. Doors will open starting at 4:30 PM for ticketed handicap persons.  Only one ticketed person is allowed to accompany anyone needing assistance and seating for both will be limited to the section closest to the exit door. This is for the convenience of the handicapped individual. Non-ticketed handicap seating will being at 5:15PM.                                                                 

SHUTTLE BUS                                      

We will be offering shuttle buses that will operate starting @ 5:00 PM. There are three scheduled stop locations. Locations are as follows: At both Franklin Street entrances to the school, at the main driveway intersection by the tennis courts, and Winter Street near train tracks on Franklin Street. After graduation, shuttle buses will load and make one run back to Franklin Street. Return service will not be available after the first return run. Return service is intended for those with limited mobility.


On the day of graduation, all graduates will park in the junior parking area (lower lot) and walk up the access path. Graduates should arrive no later than 5:00 PM and enter the school by the athletic entrance and file directly to Student Dining. No guests are allowed to enter at this door. The ceremony will start promptly @ 6:00 PM. Graduates should not bring valuables with them since there is no place to keep them secure. We cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen items.


  • Only appropriate messages on graduation caps and absolutely no messages on the gowns
  • “Dress Casual” is recommended for attire under gowns. Remember that your legs and footwear are most visible (wearing sandals is discouraged)
  • No noise makers
  • Turn off all cell phones
  • Enjoy the ceremony!