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Welcome to Conley

At the Louise A. Conley School, we believe that smart isn’t something you are; it is something you become. We strive to provide our students with the highest quality of instruction based on proven practice and research. We use data to drive our instruction and work diligently to insure that our students receive the education they will need to become strong members of the community. We place a strong emphasis on effort. By effort we mean these five things:

    • TIME: A willingness to spend the hours needed to finish the job.
    • COMMITMENT: Being determined to finish your very best work.
    • FOCUS: No TV, radio, distractions…concentrate only on the work.
    • STRATEGY: If one approach isn’t working keep trying different ways until you find one that works.
    • RESOURCEFULNESS: Knowing where to go and who to ask for help when you’re stuck.

We have a pledge which we recite each morning during our opening exercises which supports our belief that by working together all our children can succeed:

Conley School Pledge

"I must work hard today,
Get smarter in every way
Helped by my teachers,
My family,
And my friends.
If I make some mistakes,
I have what it takes
To keep trying
Until I really succeed."