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WH - NAEP Testing

National Assessment of Educational Progress

The National Assessment of Educational Progress will be contacting us in early December to notify us of which 12th grade students were selected to participate in the math assessment on January 31, 2019. Some selected students will take the assessment on a computer while others will take a pencil/paper assessment. Once we receive the list of names we will be reaching out to students and parents to let them know they have been selected, by NAEP, to participate.

NAEP is considered the gold standard of assessments because of its high technical quality. From the development of assessment frameworks and questions to the reporting of results, NAEP represents the best thinking of assessment and content specialists, state education staff, and teachers from around the nation. NAEP is a trusted resource that measures student progress and helps inform policy decisions that improve education in the United States.

NAEP results are reported from different demographic groups rather than individual students or schools. Within a school, just some of the student population participates, and student responses are combined with those from other participating students to produce the results. Student responses on NAEP are confidential, and the privacy of each participating school and student is essential. Names of participating students never leave the school and are not associated with the digital or paper test booklet after the student takes the assessment.

We will be providing more information once we receive the list of carefully selected students from NAEP.