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Mock Car Crash Staged for Prom Safety

WH mock crash sponsored by SADD and SRO's Bill Frazier and Kevin Harrington. Special thanks to WPD, HPD, HFD, WFD, Darcie McDonald, Randy Lamattina and his daughter Claire. Mcquarie auto, deputy Briggs of the sheriff's department, Mckinnon funeral home, our local cable access and the WH express. We do this exercise every two years to help students understand the dangers of making a poor choice. Students gather in the PAC for a video of a party at a house where the parent allows the students to drink. "She took the keys". Students are then led outside after a 911 call about an accident. Below are the photos. I've seen this "crash" many times and each time, it gets to me. Please remind students and adults of the dangers of poor choices. Also please be aware of the Social Host Law, and both chiefs in Whitman and Hanson enforce this law. Have a safe and enjoyable prom and graduation season.