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Study Skills and Homework Help

"Improving study skills can make a substantial and even startling difference in student achievement. Students who organize their time well and have good test-taking skills achieve higher grades and perform at higher levels on standardized tests. Those with effective study habits plan and control their learning, think and inquire about the subjects they are learning, and reflect and selfevaluate their learning. They employ motivational, emotional, and behavioral self-regulation, utilize effective cognitive skills such as organizational and memory tools, and use metacognition strategies such as planning and monitoring. These strategies are effective regardless of subject area or disability (Cancio, West, & Young, 2004; Chalk, Hagan-Burke, & Burke, 2005; Harvey & Chickie-Wolfe, 2007)."

-from Best Practices in Teaching Study Skills (Chapter 69) by Virginia Smith Harvey and Louise A. Chickie-Wolfe


This is a link that MS. BOWEN'S CLASS (Mason Learning) recommended. It has EXCELLENT resources:

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Study Skills:

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