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“Anxiety is one of the most common problems facing teenagers in schools today. Worry and anxiety are normal reactions to concerns about what might happen in the future. Most teenagers worry at times about school performance, classmates and friends, family, appearance, health, and personal harm. A certain amount of anxiety is healthy, especially when it results in productive action, such as when we worry about getting a bad grade on a test and, consequently, we study extra hard. We all know what it means to have butterflies in our stomach and to feel restless and tense from time to time. For some of us, though, anxieties and worries begin to control our lives. We may turn to drugs and alcohol in an attempt to reduce our anxieties or we may avoid participating in regular activities. These actions limit our enjoyment of life.

Approximately 1 out of 11 teenagers is diagnosed with anxiety severe enough to be considered a disorder, with girls being more likely to develop an anxiety disorder than boys. Common anxiety symptoms that can affect people at any age tend to increase during the adolescent years.”

- Patricia A. Lowe, PhD, Susan M. Unruh, EdS, & Stacy M. Greenwood University of Kansas


Anxiety Disorders Association of America

National Mental Health Organization

Trichotillomania Learning Center, Inc