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Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Resources

Adolescence is a time of change and growth – which occurs in the context of your own particular “family unit” and the community surrounding you. So basically, we are all on this journey together. It is important to take good care of ourselves and our families. We ALL have times of turbulence and stress – none of us are free from that. But it is extremely important that you have the willingness to ask for and accept help when you feel (or others tell you) things are not going well. We hope these resources may be of assistance in this goal, of supporting our children and families alike. - has information and resources on violence prevention for parents and the community. - offers information on state policies and laws, what parents and the community can do, ways to prevent bullying and get help. has informative, brief, interactive quizzes; quick reads on various/numerous health topics – helpful for teens and adults. - effective tools/strategies for parents, teachers and clinicians in their work with adolescents.
- great website for parents and families of a loved one dealing with addiction The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Click on “Facts for Families” and be provided “concise and up-to-date information on issues that affect children, teenagers and their families”. – find services for kids with disabilities; including psychologists, parent support groups, tutors, educational consultants, and health care specialists, to name a few. current news, message boards, quizzes, topics A-Z, resources of all sorts. find a local therapist to fulfill your counseling needs. You may cross-reference important features of each clinician such as: what insurances are accepted, areas of expertise, types of therapy provided, individual and group therapies, locations and phone numbers. - This site for the National Mental Health Awarness Campaign, is dedicated to battling the stigma, shame, and myths surrounding mental disorders that prevent so many people from getting the help they need. - a place to share about grief and loss for everyone. Includes articles, blogging and resources. - information and resources for teenage girls and parents on lifting self esteem - information and resources on children's health and development for parents, kids and teenagers.

WHRSD Crisis and Referral Services - This will link you to a WHRSD PDF brochure.

Click to here to link to our district Mental Health Resource Manual