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College Planning

College Planning


There is a world of opportunity available when you connect to the Internet for college and career planning. We encourage you to explore the following resources:

  • Naviance Family Connection - For excellent college planning information, please visit Naviance Family Connection. From this site, students can access their GPAs, perform college search programs, find colleges that might be great matches for them, and access an on-line SAT preparation program. Please visit Once at the welcome page, enter your name and password. If you don't remember your password, please see your guidance counselor.
  • The College Board - Great resource for on-line college search. Register for the SAT here.
  • Massachusetts Board of Higher Education - Excellent site with info for all of the state colleges and universities in Massachusetts.
  • The Common Application On-line -

College Planning Time Table



bullet Take the PSAT in October. The date for 2018 October 10.
bullet Attend the annual College Fair that is hosted jointly by Whitman Hanson, Silver Lake, Pembroke, East Bridgewater and Sacred Heart High Schools. The 2018 College Fair will be held atWHRHS on Sepember 25 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.




bullet Start looking through college catalogs and viewbooks. You may also want to become familiar with Naviance Family Connection which is an on-line career and college search program available through the guidance office.
bullet Attend the annual College Admissions Seminar hosted by the School Counseling Department. As a follow up, parents should attend Naviance Night in March.
bullet Talk to your parents about your college plans and finances. Be honest!
bullet Begin visiting colleges in the area. Attend open house days and spring college fairs. Check the guidance bulletin boards for announcements.
bullet Make a "long list" of 10 - 12 colleges including a couple of "long shots", some "sure bets", and some "strong possibilities".
bullet Attend the Boston National College Fair Field Trip and start to gather admissions information.
bullet Start the application process immediately for ROTC Scholarships and/or Service Academy Appointments.
bullet Discuss "Early Decision" with your counselor and your parents.
bullet Take the March or May SAT
bullet Consider taking May or June SAT Subject Tests if the colleges you are considering require them.  Consider taking the August SAT.
bullet Finish your junior year with the very best grades possible and choose rigorous academic classes for senior year!




bullet Continue to review college materials. Visit more colleges, perhaps while on vacation.
bullet Be ready to return to school in late August with some concrete ideas of schools to which you want to apply.
bullet Compare colleges, your expectations, your financial situation and reduce your list to 10 choices to further explore.
bullet Devise a filing system for college materials.




bullet Sign up for the October or November SAT
bullet Sign up for the SAT Subject Tests if the colleges you are applying to require it.
bullet Schedule an appointment with your school counselor. Bring all college materials with you.
bullet  The FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid, must be filed after October 1.  Complete the PROFILE Financial Aid form if your colleges require it.
bullet After meeting with your counselor, review your college materials and consult with your parents to reduce your second college list to a final 4 -5 colleges where you will now apply.
bullet Submit "Early Decision" applications; then complete the forms to request a transcript and your counselor recommendation.
bullet Schedule campus visits and interviews at the colleges on your third and final list.
bullet Send "thank you" notes to your interviewers.
bullet File the FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1
bullet Begin working on your application. If your college REQUIRES teacher recommendations, request them at this time. If you must write an essay as part of application process, begin now.


bullet Watch for deadlines. Submit applications. Request a transcript and a counselor recommendation at least two weeks before your application deadlines.


bullet Make sure you requested an official record of your SAT I and SAT II (if needed) scores be sent to any college not listed on your SAT I and SAT II report form.


bullet Notifyschool counselors of your acceptances.
bullet Check the materials received from the colleges and follow the directions carefully.
bullet Apply for local scholarships.
bullet Review your summary sheet from CSS and make corrections if needed.
bullet Make your final choice and notify all the colleges which accepted you of your decision.
bullet Keep Working!


bullet Take the AP Exams, if appropriate.
bullet Make sure you return all necessary materials to your new alma mater.


bullet Celebrate! It's Graduation!
bullet Write "thank you" notes to scholarship donors.
bullet Congratulations and good luck from the school counseling department!
bullet Come visit with us for Alumni Day and let us know how things are going.