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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Whitman-Hanson Regional School District is committed to providing each student with a high quality education that promotes responsible citizenship.

Guiding Principles

We Believe Our Schools:
  • make all decisions in the best interest of students.
  • are committed to providing a safe, secure, and healthy environment.
  • set high academic standards that provide an opportunity for each student to reach his/her full potential.
  • embrace personal responsibility and an understanding and respect for others.
  • provide student-centered learning environments where successes and mistakes are valued as part of the learning process.
  • support staff initiative, innovation and professional development.
  • share the responsibility for education with students, parents, and community.
  • promote broad-based communication and school-family-community partnerships.
  • utilize technology as an essential part of teaching and learning.

Vision Statement

The Whitman-Hanson Regional School District provides a safe learning environment and comprehensive student-centered learning opportunities that are relevant and challenging. In partnership with all stakeholders, our district is committed to developing a solid academic foundation that emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, and effective communication skills. Each student, as a life-long learner, is prepared to face the challenges of the future with the skills needed to become a responsible citizen.