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Adult Lunch Program

The Whitman-Hanson Regional School District Food Service Department Offer
ADULT LUNCH. Available daily at all schools. This is the same menu that we offer our students.

Right now at the Hanson Middle and the Whitman Middle Schools will be serving PRE-ORDERED lunches every Tuesday- Friday. This is a Deli menu decided by the school’s cafeteria manager.

How will this work?
The Cafeteria Manager for your school will send out an email to the school’s staff on Friday for the following week. The email will include the menu for the new week. This menu will be for the Adults only. There will be no exceptions. In the email the Manager will give you the time that you must respond by in order for your meal to be ready for you to pick up time. That is how we will keep it fresh.

What do you need to do?
The first thing will be for you to do, is make your choice of the sandwich that you would like. The kind of bread you would like it on. The kind of cheese you would like. What time you would like to pick it up. (No deliveries, sorry). How you would like to pay for it. (If you pre-pay, using your account, it will be faster).

What does your lunch come with?

Each sandwich will come with a deli pickle, chips, choice of chilled fruit or fresh fruit w/ milk. This will be $ 5.00 at the Whitman Schools and $5.00 at the Hanson school. This includes the state meal tax. (Each town is different).

What times will we be able to eat?
Each School’s lunch ordering time and pick up time will be decided by the School’s Cafeteria Manger. The Manger will be working around the Students lunch time. She will email you the time that you need have your order in by.

All schools but the High school will be on the same Feeding/Pick-up time as the students.

High School Time
The High School will be broken in to two shifts. The first shift will be the teachers with their lunch breaks between 10:20-11:45.

The Second High School shift will be staff between 12:00-12:30. This will allow our staff to take care of our students and to insure that the adult menu will be fresh and ready on time for the adults to eat.

Managers Specials:
Because of the strict DOE guidelines, this Adult Program will give our Managers the chance to create. This will showcase each of their individual talent and love for cooking. These Special Meals will be cooked by our School Manager’s Tina Smith, Linda Thorp, Rhonda Briscoe, Dawn Johnson, and Susan Mather.

Hanson Middle, Whitman Middle and the High School will be serving
Coffee from 6:45 Am-9:00 am daily. All 10 oz. cups are priced at $ 1.25 Each 10 oz. cup will be served with a choice of light cream, milk, sugar, or Splenda.
Choice of two flavored coffee daily
The flavors will change daily. Please stop by and try it. We also offer a grab and go
breakfast sandwiches made daily with Egg, Sausage, bacon, or Ham, cheese, on an
English Muffin, Bagel, or Croissant. $ 2.00.
Available daily are Yogurt Parfaits, Bagels w/ cream cheese, Fresh Fruit Smoothies made with Fruit, yogurt and 1% milk. Smoothies are priced according to size.