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Directions and Map

The Central Office of the Whitman-Hanson Regional School District is located on the second floor of the high school at 610 Franklin Street (Route 27) on the town line of Whitman and Hanson.

GPS Address:
Whitman-Hanson Regional High School
610 Franklin Street, Whitman, MA 02382

From the North: It may be reached from Rte 3 to Rte 18S (Weymouth) follow Rte 18S to Rte 58 (Rte 58 starts at the townline of Weymouth and Abington). Take a left onto Rte 58, follow Rte 58 through Abington into Whitman, go to the Whitman Rotary, proceed as if there was no rotary and leave the rotary at 12:00 from where you entered at 6:00. You will now be off of Rte 58, follow that road to the end. Take a left onto Rte 27, it will take almost an immediate hard right, follow Rte 27 around that right, the school is two miles from that point on the left.

From the West: Take Rte 27 from Brockton and follow it until you get to the school, the school is on the east side of Whitman.

From the South: Take Rte 18N, after leaving Bridgewater, Rte 18 will join with Rte 106 for a short distance. Take a right where Rte 106 branches off Rte 18 (it is at the bottom of a hill and there is a restaurant located at the intersection.) Follow that road to a stop sign. Take a left (you are now off Rte 106), follow that road to the top of the hill, you will see East Bridgewater Common, take the right at the top of the hill keeping the Common to your left. At the next stop sign, take a right, this is Central Street, follow Central Street all the way for about 4 miles, it will eventually come down a small hill and join with Rte 27, take a left onto Rte 27, it will cross Rte 14 and the school will be on your right approximately one mile up Rte 27.

From the East: Take Rte 14 until you get to Rte 27 intersection, take a right, school is on your right approximately one mile.