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If you are having computer trouble, please call 781-618-7438, or

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Cannot log on. (Often an incorrect password error)

• Are you typing in your username as lastname.firstname and not reversed?
• Is the capslock key accidently pressed down?
• Did you enter the correct password?
• Did you select the correct domain to log on to? (i.e. WHRSD)
• Is the blue network cable connected to the computer? All network cables are blue and should be easy to locate.
• Is the network cable connected in the right spot? Check the connection to see if there is a green light showing, to show that a network connection is available and working.

2. Cannot access internet.

• Is the network cable plugged into the back of the computer? On all computers in the district, the network cables are blue.
• Are you using a valid Internet address?

3. Cannot access web e-mail.

• To be sure that you are accessing your e-mail correctly, check the directions for Web E-mail Access, or check out the Web E-mail Troubleshooting.

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