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The Hanson Middle School serves over 500 students in a Grade 6 through Grade 8 configuration that utilizes a parallel scheduling model. All students receive academic instruction, per grade level at the same time. This model allows for a better distribution of special education services and personnel. It also means that students leave the academic setting for their specialty classes by grade level. By doing this, grade level teachers have 1, fifty-five minute Professional Learning Communities (PLC's) every cycle.



Currently the students operate on a five-day schedule with six 55 minute periods daily. Each school day consists of four academics (English/Language Arts; Mathematics; Science; and Social Studies) and two periods of Related Arts. In addition students receive a second period of their core academic subjects during the fourth period. This Academic Extension period allows both student and teacher the ability to use the time for enrichment, remediation, and lesson enhancement. Students are also able to utilize the Library/Media Center, Technology Labs, and resource for those who have Individualized Education Plan. During fourth period students are encouraged to participate in chorus/band. There is a rotating 22-minute lunch period in the middle of the day.



Hanson Middle School has an active after-school program two afternoons per week. Activities include: Floor Hockey; Cook Club; Fitness, Exercise and Weight Training; Game time; indoor/outdoor Soccer; Extreme Battlefield; All About Clay; Small Group Guitar, and many others.  Hundreds of students compete in a variety of sports through leagues established by the Town of Hanson.

























William Tranter

Assistant Principal
Josh Belvis


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