Goals and Objectives

  1. 1. To improve academic achievement by engaging all students through best instructional practices and challenging programs that will meet their individual needs

1.1  Provide challenging educational programs and instructional resources that meet individual learning needs.

1.2 Develop and foster critical and creative thinkers, and effective communicators in a technologically rich environment.

1.3   Ensure time and resources are available for high quality professional development reflecting the needs of the staff and the district and also meeting state and federal mandates.

1.4   Develop and implement curricula that are in alignment with district initiatives and governmental standards.


2.      To maintain a safe environment of mutual respect, collaboration, and reflection

2.1 Continue the implementation of high safety and security standards in alignment with local, state, and federal incident management guidelines.

2.2 Implement student services addressing the social and emotional needs of the student throughout his/her educational experience.

2.3 Extend professional learning communities across all grade levels and disciplines throughout the district. 

2.4 Build parental and community support through effective communication with multiple opportunities for involvement in the school and district programs.


3. To organize the resources of time, staffing, and leadership to meet the teaching and learning needs of our district

3.1 Implement ways to provide more flexibility and opportunity within, between, and across grade levels and disciplines in the daily and yearly schedule.

3.2 Ensure appropriate class size for student-centered learning environments.

3.3 Employ technology equitably across the district to expand educational experiences beyond the confines of the classroom walls.


4. To acquire and responsibly manage equitable, predictable, and sustainable funding for educational programs, services, facilities and other district operations

4.1   Collaborate with local, state and federal officials to obtain sustainable and predictable financial support.

4.2   Encourage community participation in the budgetary process.

4.3   Communicate and advocate for community support for funding of school programs and facility needs.

4.4   Plan and secure funding in order to maintain facilities, infrastructure, technology and other capital projects.

4.5   Seek additional funding through alternative sources.


5.      To provide the necessary resources and services for the operational needs of the district

5.1  Evaluate facilities and their capacity to meet current and future needs.

5.2  Ensure equitable access to technology to support educational and administrative initiatives.

5.3  Assess and provide operational services to proactively address the needs of our educational community.

5.4  Continue to foster a positive working relationship with local town departments.

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