Attendance Policy

Grades and credits earned at the Whitman-Hanson Community Evening School include, but are not limited to, attendance as a prerequisite to successful completion of every course. Absences as hereinafter defined will impact adversely the student’s ability to satisfactorily complete the required courses for graduation from the Whitman-Hanson Community Evening School.


Students are allowed up to two (2) absences from each course that is scheduled to meet before the absences will affect the enrollment status of the student in that course. Any student who accumulates more than 2 absences in course will be removed from that class and no credit will be given, unless the absence time is made up within three days during the 6:30-7:00 p.m. make-up time.

It is possible for a student to be withdrawn from only one course due to attendance while remaining enrolled in other courses in which the maximum number of absences has not been exceeded.


Tardy/Dismissal Policy:

Students are required to report to every class by the designated time and remain in class for the entire class period. Any student that is more than 15 minutes late for a class will be considered absent from that class. Two (2) tardies of 15 minutes or less will be considered one (1) absence.

In the event that a student must leave class early, prior notification must be given to the instructor. Any student leaving a class early by more than 15 minutes will be considered absent from that class. Two (2) early dismissals from class of 15 minutes or less will be considered one (1) absence. For classes that meet once per week for a double-block, students must attend the full class period in order to be marked present for the class; there are no “half-absences”. 

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