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 Thank you for visiting my web page.  I truly enjoy my profession and am honored to be part of the team here at WHRHS.  I have developed this web area to serve as a guide and resource tool for staff, parents, and students. Along the left margin I have provided resource links about many topics.  I have reviewed them and feel they are informative and helpful.  Please let me know if any of the links do not work or if a page has been moved.


PLEASE NOTE: I have a firm belief that internet resources are great reference tools but should not be used for "Self Diagnosis." Please use these links as a starting point.  If you require further assistance,  please contact us in STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES.  We will do our best to help and if necessary, guide families to medical/mental health professionals when appropriate.


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Hi Everyone!  I recently participated in Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation launch and symposium at Harvard University discussing youth empowerment.  It was a thrilling experience!  I met some of the brightest and most passionate scholars and researchers from around the world,  who are experts in youth empowerment and the promotion of tolerance amongst our youth.  All of this was headed by Lady Gaga's amazing mother, Cynthia Germanotta (the foundation president).  After a day of meetings, action planning ,and break out group reporting we went to the launch event with Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey, and Dr. Deepak Chopra (to name a few of the participants).  To say I was inspired is an understatement!  The Born This Way Foundation is attempting to empower youth, inspire bravery, and celebrate individuality around the world.  If you would like more information about this amazing movement, check out their website at: http://www.bornthiswayfoundation.org/





Wendy Price, CAGS, Nationally Certified School Psychologist at Whitman-Hanson Regional High School and President of the Massachusetts School Psychologists Association, wrote a Proclamation to Governor Deval Patrick. In it, she requested that November 14-18, 2011 be named “School Psychologists Week” in the Commonwealth. Here, she is being congratulated by her building and district administrators. The Proclamation is being sent around the Commonwealth (Stanley Cup style!) to School Psychologists who request it for advocacy and awareness and to celebrate the Proclamation. Next, it is being sent to Andria Amador, Assistant Director of Behavioral Health Services and her administrators at Boston Public Schools. Pictured (left to right): Dr. Jill Barnhardt (WHRSD Administrator of Curriculum, Instruction, and Staff Development), Jeff Szymaniak (WHRHS Principal), Wendy Price (WHRHS School Psychologist and MSPA President 2010-2012), Dr. Ruth Gilbert-Whitner (WHRSD Superintendent), Mildred O’Callaghan (WHRSD Administrator of Special Education) and David Floeck (WHRHS Assistant Principal). Below is the wording of the Proclamation:


Whereas,               All children and youth learn best when they are healthy, supported and receive an education that meets their individual needs; and

Whereas,               Schools can more effectively ensure that all students are ready and able to learn when they meet the needs of the whole child; and

Whereas,               Children’s mental health is directly linked to their learning and development, and the learning environment provides an optimal context to promote good mental health; and

Whereas                Sound psychological principles are integral to instruction and learning, social and emotional development, prevention and early intervention, and supporting culturally diverse student populations; and

Whereas,               School psychology has over 60 years of well established, widely recognized, and highly effective practice, and                 

Whereas,               School Psychologists are specially trained to deliver a continuum of mental health services and academic supports that lower barriers to learning, enabling teachers to teach and students to learn; and

Whereas,               School Psychologists are trained to assess student and school-based barriers to learning, utilize data-based decision-making, implement research-driven prevention and intervention strategies, and evaluate outcomes and improve accountability; and

Whereas,               Citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts should recognize the vital role that School Psychologists play in the personal and academic development of our children.

Therefore,              I, Governor Deval Patrick, do hereby proclaim November 14-18, 2011 as School Psychology Week in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and commend observance to all our citizens.




Please click here for Articles provided by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP)

Here are the links for the Massachusetts Department of Education: Special Education and the Federal Department of Education



For a list of therapists in the area, please check out the South Shore Coalition of Independent Therapists website: http://www.sscit.org/


Mental Health Resources

Adolescence is a time of change and growth – which occurs in the context of your own particular “family unit” and the community surrounding you.  So basically, we are all on this journey together.  It is important to take good care of ourselves and our families.  We ALL have times of turbulence and stress – none of us are free from that.   But it is extremely important that you have the willingness to ask for and accept help when you feel (or others tell you) things are not going well.  We hope these resources may be of assistance in this goal, of supporting our children and families alike. 

 www.ahealthyme.com has informative, brief, interactive quizzes; quick reads on various/numerous health topics – helpful for teens and adults.

www.massgeneral.org/schoolpsychiatry - effective tools/strategies for parents, teachers and clinicians in their work with adolescents.

www.learn2cope.org - great website for parents and families of a loved one dealing with addiction

www.aacap.org The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Click on “Facts for Families” and be provided “concise and up-to-date information on issues that affect children, teenagers and their families”.

 www.yellowpagesforkids.com – find services for kids with disabilities; including psychologists, parent support groups, tutors, educational consultants, and health care specialists, to name a few.

 www.emotionalhealthonline.com current news, message boards, quizzes, topics A-Z, resources of all sorts.

www.sscit.org find a local therapist to fulfill your counseling needs.  You may cross-reference important features of each clinician such as:  what insurances are accepted, areas of expertise, types of therapy provided, individual and group therapies, locations and phone numbers.

www.nostigma.org - This site for the National Mental Health Awarness Campaign, is  dedicated to battling the stigma, shame, and myths surrounding mental disorders that prevent so many people from getting the help they need.

WHRSD Crisis and Referral Services - This will link you to a WHRSD PDF brochure.


DrugWatch.com is a comprehensive Web site database featuring extensive information about thousands of different medications and drugs currently on the market or previously available worldwide. DrugWatch.com includes up-to-date information about prescription and over-the-counter medications and includes details about associated side effects to aid in the protection of patients and consumers.

The resources available on DrugWatch.com are provided to offer visitors free and accurate information to aid in the understanding of various medications and conditions. The content on the site may help consumers formulate questions for medical professionals and alert the public about important information regarding potentially dangerous side effects associated with certain medications. By providing FDA alerts, drug interactions, and potential side effects on the site, patients have access to valuable knowledge that could enhance their ability to voice concerns with their doctor and improve their quality of care.













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